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Welcome to our Webside.

Welcome to the esoteric New Age Wholesale .
ANDERSWELT Import founded in 1996.
ANDERSWELT (Other World) 
Products that reveal other worlds
With prepayment we provide for you also OEM service.
Manufacturer information:
We constantly cooperate with 30 craftsmen on the basis of friendship and fair trade, which is our contribution to active development assistance.
We produce special products in Asia, which are sold with much success in the area of middle and new age.
With our wholesale we supply distributors across Europe exclusively for resale.
With our know-how, we know exactly what the customer wants and what is demanded and searched 
on the market.
As an independent family company, we set great value on a high degree of service availability and personal responsibility. Therefore we are able to act quickly and flexibly and to respond particularly to our customers’ requirements.
This includes not only the shortest delivery times, but also our own production and direct import.
Our ANDERSWELT  expert knowledge publishing:
Our author "Brighid "
can put all of her knowledge into our products and into our practice-oriented books.
Our long experience in this area allows us to provide you with promotional information to customers about our products, so that we may be at your disposal as a consulting partner, when required.
For the benefit of all customers, from small company to an international market leader.
Discover – the - ANDERSWELT (Other World) -
Here you will find all the items we sell.
We hope that our reasonable prices will convince you.
Our minimum order value is net 50 - €
The delivery will be made immediately upon receipt of your payment by PayPal , credit card,
or after receipt of your bank transfer in case
of payment in advance.
Our total number of imitators confirms our abilities"
(Oscar Wilde)

Feel free to call us
following number: 0049 - (0) 7394-916399.
Monday and Thursday from 8:30 to 15:00 hours.

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Anderswelt-Import wholesale

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 Important hint! As far as traditional statements find application in this catalog over individual merchandise, the set action of the products indicates, it is expressly clarified that with these statements no one effects in the scientifically secured sense is announced. It is only a hint on the application of the products in the traditional sense or which was past on orally.


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